You Should Grow This: ‘Amistad’ salvia w/hummingbird footage

You Should Grow This: ‘Amistad’ salvia w/hummingbird footage

This ‘Amistad’ salvia was a gift from the Penn State Master Gardeners of Armstrong County. I was supposed to speak to their group, but COVID put a stop to that.

I spoke to the group the year before at their annual plant sale and they discovered my love for another annual salvia, ‘Wendy’s Wish.’ On a visit to Vandergrift Children’s Garden for a story on a kid’s garden without kids during the pandemic, Andrea Woodhall gave me some ‘Wendy’s Wish’ and ‘Amistad’ salvia. In exchange, I brought a few tomato plants for the garden including ‘Golden King of Siberia,’ and variety introduced to me by Betty Robison from Robison’s Acres. It’s a very cool place in Scenery Hill which includes a long trail of fairy gardens.

I love both plants, but the combination of black and purple on ‘Amistad’ is stunning. One day while standing in the garden a hummingbird visited the flowers and I was able to film the hovering bird enjoying the nectar of the flowers. Here’s the video, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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