What to do about artillery fungus

What to do about artillery fungus

Artillery fungus appears as dots on surfaces like the side of a house, car anything near mulch infected with the fungus and it’s a pain to get off the siding. The fungus lives in things like landscape mulch and when the weather is right (or wrong in this case), the fungus shoots spores towards a light source. That might mean the house, car of some other reflective surface.

Let’s first talk about the fungus. You should rake out the mulch in favor of something like pine bark, the big nuggets are best.

Sometimes though, just adding a layer of mushroom manure on top of the mulch will do the trick, too. The mushroom manure had properties to kill the artillery fungus.

Here’s what readers Maureen and Dave Sagrati did to remove the spores. “We used Easy Off heavy duty oven cleaner. Sprayed it on and let it sit overnight. Then used Mr. Clean/Wal-Mart white cleaning eraser pads and lots and lots of elbow grease. It was a lot of hard work and scrubbing … my husband could only do a few slats of siding a day but it finally came off most of the siding. It was also on the caulking and window frames but that was much more difficult. We did what we could and painted the rest.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, but give it a try.

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