“Gardening is fun. You can truly enjoy every day spent outside when you’re tending vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees.”

Headshot of Doug Oster - white man in button up shirt wearing baseball cap.

Whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned tender to your backyard oasis, Doug Oster has something to offer everyone! Simply put, he loves writing about gardening and highlighting gardeners. Beyond writing, Doug is also an Emmy Award winning producer, and television host. 

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The Steel City Garden by Doug Oster


The only place to get a signed, personalized copy of The Steel City Garden: How to Create a One of a Kind Garden in Black and Gold is right here!

Pittsburgh is the only city in the United States where all of its major sports teams share the same colors. The Steel City Garden explores the many ways you can dress your garden in black and gold! From plants with eye-catching vegetation to beautiful flowers, like black tulips and buttercup shrubs—How about black and gold flamingos? Must be a Steel City Garden!

A Gardener's Notebook - life with my garden by Doug Oster


Intended to help you record all the crazy details of life with your garden, A Gardener’s Notebook is Doug’s solution to never finding the perfect journal.

With practical gardening tips and little portraits of his life in the garden, you’ll enjoy every day you can sit outside and jot down your thoughts and observations.