Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus bulb sale

Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus bulb sale

Below is an email from Joe Hamm who runs an amazing place called Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus in Washington County, Pa. It’s the greatest collection of blooming daffodils in Western Pennsylvania and it’s truly magical to visit.

Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus has thousands of cultivars on display.

Here’s a story I wrote when I worked at the Trib.

If you would like to support them and grow something unique. Check out the variety list below and attached order form.

I love to look at the list and then see what the flower looks like by using It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s fun and worth the effort. Since I’m a sucker for double daffodils, I first search through the sales list for those marked division 4, which are doubles. You’ll get the idea.

Here’s Joe’s message-

Hello Friends, 

This is the 12th year of offering surplus bulbs.  The bulb sale supports our not-for-profit work in maintaining the “Hortus” and the American Daffodil Society approved “Display Garden”. 

Below is a price list and order form.  The offerings are listed in alphabetical order in groups: Historic (registered prior to 1940), Classic (registered between 1940-1969), and Modern (registered 1970 and later). 

‘Earlycheer’ is just one of the wonderful varieties offered for sale. It has an intoxicating fragrance.

We appreciate your patience in receiving this list.  Like everything else in life these days, it has not been a typical year with COVID. Pricing, as in the past, is based on the rarity and normal propagation rate of the cultivar listed. As is our usual practice, bulbs are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we also try to assure that each person will receive at least one bulb of the ones they selected.  A bulb is either double-nosed or the equivalent in rounds.  Most cultivars may be viewed at the American Daffodil Society or It is a wealth of information!

We endeavor to supply true-to-name cultivars, but we are not always perfect.  Mix-ups can occur, (we are human).  Some items listed may not be available due to conditions beyond our control. 

Joseph Hamm looks at some of the flowers at his Daffodil Hortus in Washington County. It’s one of the greatest collections of daffodils in the state. He lost his legs to a medical condition.

For those of you who live locally, a number of on-site venues where we typically sell bulbs have been cancelled because of COVID.  Beginning Monday August 31, 2020, local customers can call me at 724-345-3762 to arrange a time to come to the daffodil barn located at 99 Maple Road Washington, PA, and select your bulbs if you prefer to do this instead of having your order mailed.  We request that you wear a mask if you choose this option. 

Do not send payment in advance. You will be billed a $5.00 packaging charge plus the actual USPS postal charge. An invoice will be included with your bulbs.  

Thank you for your support

Joe Hamm                                   

“Historic like his bulbs”                                

Georgine (Genie) Materniak , my sister

Carol Stough, our assistant                                                      

Sara, Fredrica, and Jeanne (not my Sister), 

Chuck and Fred (not my brother),

Fred and Mark, my brothers

As you can see many people enable me to continue my work!

Here’s the sales list and order form.

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  • We have some white narcissus growing in our woods. They are in bloom May 22 this year but many years they do not bloom. I would like to connect with someone who could help me make an identification and maybe get some tips to help them bloom more often.
    Is it possible to visit Joseph Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus in Washington County?

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