Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus bulb sale 2021

Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus bulb sale 2021

I’m a huge fan of Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus in Washington County. It’s the greatest collection of blooming daffodils I’ve ever seen.

These are just some of the blooms at Joe Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus in Washington County, Pa.

Here’s a letter from Joe which explains how to order your bulbs. The sales of the bulbs helps Joe continue his work.

From Joe Hamm-

This is the 13th year of offering surplus bulbs.  The bulb sale supports our not-for-profit work in maintaining the Daffodil Hortus (a daffodil archive collection) and an American Daffodil Society (ADS) approved Display Garden located at 99 Maple Road, Washington PA 15301.  Each year we dig cultivars that need to be thinned and sell off the excess bulbs. 

Enclosed is a price list and order form (below).  The offerings are listed in alphabetical order in groups: Historic (registered prior to 1940), Classic (registered between 1940-1969), and Modern (registered 1970 and later).  Photos of most of the cultivars can be viewed on ADS’s  It is a wealth of information!

‘Spencer Tracy’ is a beautiful variety, ‘Katherine Hepburn’ grows nearby.

We base a bulb price on the rarity and propagation rate of the cultivar. Bulbs are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we also try to assure that you will receive at least one bulb of the bulbs you selected.  A bulb is either double-nosed or the equivalent in rounds.  

We endeavor to supply true-to-name cultivars, but we are not always perfect.  Mix-ups can occur; we are human.  Some items listed may not be available due to problems discovered only after bulbs are dug. 

Submit your order either through the mail or by email.  DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH YOUR ORDER FORM. We will enclose an invoice with your bulb order and include a $5.00 packaging fee plus postage costs. 

For those of you who live locally, we can mail your order or you can call us after September 1stto schedule a time for on-site pick up at 99 Maple Road.  You are also welcome to come and shop on-site for bulbs by appointment onlyafter September 1st.   We will also sell bulbs this year at the Covered Bridge Festival at Mingo Park on Saturday, September 18thand Sunday, September 19th.  

Thank you for your support

Joe Hamm                                   
“Historic like his bulbs”     

[email protected]
(724) 345-3762          

Georgine (Genie) Materniak , my sister
Carol Stough, our assistant                                                      
Sara, Fredrica, and Jeanne (not my Sister), 
Chuck and Fred (not my brother),
Fred and Mark, my brothers

As you can see many people enable me to continue my work!

2021 Joe Hamm Order Form

2021 Joe Hamm Price List

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