All of Doug’s Columns for The Green Voice

All of Doug’s Columns for The Green Voice

I’m proud to be writing for The Green Voice, it’s the newsletter for Pittsburgh Earth Day, where every day is Earth Day. Here’s everything I’ve written for them.

Roses are one of the flowers Tony Seeker enjoys growing in his garden.

This Marine suffers with PTSD and uses the garden as a therapeutic tool.

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is growing rapidly. The Garden of Five Senses is the latest area to open, but there’s much more to see and innovative plans for the future.

A lost summer due to COVID? Not for gardeners.

This 89 year-old gardener still works every day and has created a landscape filled with unique plants.

These perennials are tough, beautiful and will come back season after season.

Outsmarting invasive plants with the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.

Dealing with bad bugs organically.

Watering is art at Phipps. The story of a wonderful fountain and how it was made.

Ralph Brock was the first African American forester.

Summer planting leads to fall harvest.

101 year-old woman gets the gift of a tomato plant to help her through the pandemic.

Garden club volunteers to plant garden for convent.

The Perennial Project is helping revitalize Brownsville.

10 Easy to grow perennials that will thrive for years.

A children’s garden without children, planted with hope.

These plants attract pollinators. You help them and they will help you.

Pick the first tomato and healthiest too.

Grandmother’s daffodils transplanted to become treasured family heirlooms.

Finding seeds during a pandemic, gardening is huge this season.

Crafting cocktails with the Backyard Forager.

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