Tomato planting tips, Doug’s favorite tomatoes and live garden chat Thursdays at 11am as seen on KDKA’s PTL

‘Heart of Italy’ has become one of my favorite tomatoes.

I’m having so much fun doing a live garden chat Thursdays at 11am for the Post-Gazette. Just log on here to ask questions, give tips and just talk gardening.
So you’re ready to plant tomatoes, peppers and basil? Here are a few tips to make those plants thrive.
It’s still a little early, but temperatures will be fine. Heat up the soils with black landscape fabric, all three plants like it hot.
Use succession planting, meaning planting some now and every couple weeks through June.
The plants will love the warm soil. When June arrives, mulch to keep the soil evenly moist.
Here’s a list of my favorite all time tomatoes, a description and where to find them.
1. ‘Limbaugh Legacy Potato Top.’ Get free plants on June 16, 2013 at 12noon in North Park across from the Skating Rink on Pearce Mill Rd. Here are some more details.
2. ‘Brandy Boy.’ Pink, meaty hybrid version of ‘Brandywine.’ Earlier and more prolific. Janoski’s Farm and Greenhouse
3. ‘Heart of Italy.’ Looks like a pink bull’s heart and is both tasty and meaty. Hahn Nursery.
“Fourth of July.’ Early, prolific and produces all season. Janoski’s.
4. ‘Eva Purple Ball.’ Pink tomatoes the size of tennis balls fall off the plant when ripe. Garden Dreams Urban Farm and Nursery.
5. ‘Sungold.’ Orange, sweet cherry. My wife’s favorite, nuff said. Hahn Nursery.
6. ‘Juliet.’ 1999 AAS winner pumps out lots of sweet, meaty but small paste like tomatoes. Hahn Nursery.

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