Organic Gardening 101 as seen on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Organic gardeners and conventional, chemical gardeners have the same problems, but just have different solutions.
Any problem in the garden can be solved with an organic product or technique.
Why organic? Hey, we all live down stream…right?
Trying to identify and solve problems by specifically dealing with a pest or disease without disrupting the balance of nature is the organic gardeners goal.
Organic products are available at all good local nurseries.
All the things I used on the show were from Hahn Nursery in Ross.
Organic fertilizers will keep your plants happy without destroying soil life.
Usually organic gardens create a balance of nature. When the bad bugs infest, things like insecticidal soap and horticultural oil can control soft bodied insects like aphids.
Chewing pests can be controlled by Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew. It’s active ingredient is Spinosad. It won’t hurt us or the good bugs.
Fungus problems can be treated with Serenade and organic fungicide.
Organic gardening is easy and good for you and the family…oh yeah…and everyone downstream too.

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