Keeping Valentine’s Day roses fresh and some alternatives as seen on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Roses are red my love, violets are blue.

Ok, you’ve got to buy roses, right?I think there are better choices for Valentine’s Day, but no one wants to end up in the dog house.
Keeping roses looking their best means cutting the bottoms of the stems before putting them in water and adding a drop or two of bleach to keep bacteria at bay. Change the water daily and give the roses another cut at the bottom after a few days.
For some reason a penny in the vase helps too.
There are lots of plants which will last longer than a dozen roses. Every time your significant other looks at these plants, they will think of you.
Potted miniature roses will live all winter on the windowsill and can go into the garden in April where they will last for many years.
Hyacinths smell like spring. They can also be planted out when the weather breaks.
Amaryllis bulbs make beautiful blooms and will last a lifetime, blooming once a year.
Tulips are magical and can be planted in the garden during the spring.
Calla lilies are classy, will bloom for month and will live outside all summer long only to return to the windowsill in September.
Cyclamen is one of the only houseplants which should be kept on the moist side. When watered frequently they will bloom for months.
One more tip for those roses, dry them when their time is done in the vase and they will last forever, just like your undying love for your partner.

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