Terrariums are back! As seen on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes.

Remember the 1970’s? Terrariums were big back then and they were so groovy. Well what comes around goes around and they are hot again.
Nothing could be easier than making a terrarium, they can be made with anything from an old fish tank to a beautiful container bought from a nursery. Even a two liter soda bottle can be converted into a terrarium.
Terrariums are a closed growing system, so they only need a little water every few weeks. The first layer is gravel, some charcoal which keeps the air clean and then a growing medium. One trick that Matt from Chapon’s Greenhouse alerted me to was to moisten the planting mix first to get it right where you want it instead of drowning the soil with water.
You can design either a dry or wet terrarium depending on what you like to grow. I love both.
Succulents are used for the dry one, and bog plants are used for the wet environment. Both are easy to find at a good nursery.
All the terrariums and plants came from Chapon’s Greenhouse in Baldwin. I’m so thrilled to rind terrariums again that I think I’m going to make a bunch. They have everything you need. Chapon’s is located at 4846 Streets Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15236, (412) 881-1520. It’s a wonderful place to explore during the winter, it’s filled with plants you’ve never seen before. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

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