Indoor Flowers Bridge the Gap Until Spring as seen on KDKA’s PTL

Once winter arrives, gardeners need something to keep them going until spring. Growing flowering plants on the windowsill will do just that.
There are lots of plants that are tough and will bloom through the winter.

Flowering Maple

One of my favorites is Flowering Maple. It’s not really a maple, but it does really flower. The leaves resemble a maple and the plants can flower with orange, red or white flowers.
Variagated African Violet
African violets have a reputation for being fussy. Grow them on the dry side in good light, water from the bottom and the plant will last a lifetime. Some of the more recent varieties also have variegated foliage, which is a bonus.


Cylcamen are one of the few house plants you can’t let dry out. Keep them moist and they will bloom for months.
Shamrock Plant
One of my favorite indoor plants is the Shamrock Plant, named for its four leaf cloveresque leaves. They are indestructible and will bloom all winter. some have cool, variegated foliage too.

Goldfish Plant

The Goldfish plant sports pretty orange flowers most of the winter.
I put many of these plants out in the garden in a shady spot after all chance of frost has passed. The will often double in size and then can return to the windowsill in the fall.
All the plants used in the segment came from Chapon’s Greenhouse on Streets Run Road in Baldwin, (412)881-1520. Their winter greenhouse is unparallelled, filled with amazing plants. You might even find a winter tomato in there!

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