Memories of Amaryllis

I grew up in Aurora, Ohio in the 1970’s, a little town 30 minutes from Cleveland. In fifth grade Ed moved into town and we started a friendship that would last 40 years and still persists.
Today a pink amaryllis began to bloom and as I saw the pretty blooms unfold in front of the dining room window I was taken back to that little town.
Ed’s mother grew amaryllis, they bloomed in many colors by the soft light of a sliding glass door.
As a young photographer I would spend time shooting pictures of these amazing flowers. I’d never seen the before, didn’t know what they were, all I knew was I liked them.
Now I grow lots of the bulbs and get them to re-bloom year after year.
When they flower I think about those days so long ago as a careless youth in what was then, rural Ohio.amaryllis

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