Cool trees and shrubs on KDKA-TV’s PTL

'Blushing Bride' is one of my favorite new introductions.

Plant breeders are always working hard to give us gardeners something new to put in the garden.
I love what they are doing with Rose of Sharon, my favorite might be ‘Blushing Bride.’ It’s a double and I love doubles.
‘Blue Satin’ is really cool too.
Hydrangeas are a must for summer blooms and ‘Great Star’ is really cool looking. It’s a wonderful flower shape.

Hydrangea 'Great Star' is just that.

‘Pinky Winky’ is small and the flowers turn a wonderful shade of pink as they fade.
Bush Clover isn’t really a shrub, it’s a perennial but man this thing pumps our beautiful purple blossoms at the end of the season.
All the plants I used on the show were from Hahn Nursery in Ross. They are located at Babcock and Three Degree Road. For more information about the plants call 412-635-7475.

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