Memorial Day planting tips with Bonnie Plants as seen on KDKA-TV

Now that the soil temperatures have risen and the ground has dried out a bit it’s the perfect time to plant tender crops like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs.
Bonnie Plants all are planted directly in the soil as they are in peat pots. The pots will just biodegrade.
The best days to plant are overcast with rain on the way. I love it when it works out that way, but if it doesn’t, plant at the end of the day.
That way the plants have all night to recover.
Try heirloom varieties too, ‘Cherokee Purple’ is one of my all time favorite tomatoes.

A good liquid organic fertilizer, like the Bonnie Plants Plant Food will help the plants thrive all season and will not affect the soil life negatively.
The best plants to add to the vegetable garden are sweet allysum and dill, they both attract the good bugs.
You can find a local retailer of Bonnie Plants here.

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