Tips to get started in the garden as seen on KDKA

statue and containers
Even though I’ve written thousands of words about gardening there are really only three basic rules you need to know.
1. Improve the soil. Adding compost of some kind of other organic matter will give the plants everything they need for the entire season.
2. Know when plants or seeds go in the ground. There are countless resources to tell you when to plant. Lettuce is a cool weather crops, tomatoes love it hot.
3. Don’t let the plants dry out. That means mulching and watering when we lack rain. Always water in the morning, soak the plants and water at the base of the plant when possible.

Shop at a good nursery, not a box store. The plants are better and service is the best. Every garden question is a good question, don’t be afraid to ask.
Choose plants that you love, then you’ll be inspired to take care of them. Maybe it’s something your mother grew or another plant with a little nostalgia.
Most importantly know that plants die, that’s part of gardening and don’t let it stop you.

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