Native Plants are Beautiful, Tough and are Great for Pollinators as Seen on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Monarda or bee balm is a favorite native for butterflies.
Monarda or bee balm is a favorite native for butterflies.

Native plants are tough and beautiful.

Some of the advantages of natives are that they are low maintenance, don’t need a lot of water, are good for pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies.

But it’s their beauty that attracts gardeners. Most people would be surprised that they are already growing native plants.

What’s a native plant, well that’s debatable actually, but it’s a plant that was found already growing here before colonization.

They provide food and habitat for native wildlife.

Serve as an important genetic resource for future food crops or other plant-derived product.

Decrease the amount of water needed for landscape maintenance.

Require very little long-term maintenance if they are properly planted and established.

Produce long root systems to hold soil in place.

Protect water quality by controlling soil erosion and moderating floods and droughts.

I brought Joe Pye Weed, Hay Scented Ferns, Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower, Heuchera, Monarda and more on the show.

All the plants used on the show came from Hahn Nursery.

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