Colorful summer shrubs as seen on Pittsburgh Today Live

Choose the right hydrangea and enjoy the blooms for a lifetime.
Choose the right hydrangea and enjoy the blooms for a lifetime.

Summer blooming shrubs are a great addition to the garden. When I moved into my house the garden was filled with spring bloomers. It wasn’t long until I found shrubs which would continue to bloom through the summer and extend the interest in the garden.
Once things cool off a bit, they can be found on sale and planted in the garden.
I always like to add some compost to the soil and it’s important to keep these new planting watered until the ground freezes if we don’t get rain.
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite summer bloomers, but not the mopheads that are not reliable bloomers. When you go to the nursery look for other varieties which will bloom year after year.
There are variegated rose of Sharon which are beautiful year round, the flowers are a bonus.
The same is true for Japanese pieris.
I’ll never forget the first time I saw buttercup bush blooming in a dear friend’s garden during a July heat wave. The bright yellow flowers lasted until frost. The plant is indestructible and a perfect foundation planting out in sun.
Spend some time at the nursery and you might find a bargain that will provide beauty year after year.

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