Lets Plant Sun Loving Perennials! As Seen on KDKA-TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Sweet Autumn Clematis is a wonderful bloomer at the end of the season. Photo courtesy Wayside Gardens.

This week it’s all about sun loving perennial plants, we’ll talk about shade lovers next week.
This is the perfect time to plant perennials, plants that return year after year.
There are so many cool plants out there, go to your favorite nursery and spend a little time shopping. Take your time, looking around at a nursery should be fun.
I love what breeders have done with purple coneflower, find one which you can fall in love with. They love full sun and many bloom all summer.
One of my favorite perennials is Sweet Autumn Clematis. It starts blooming at the end of the season and continues until heavy frost. Some gardeners consider the plant invasive. Choose the right spot to plant Sweet Autumn Clematis.
You don’t need a lot so space for perennials which is evident with bee balm ‘Petite Delight.’ It only gets about a foot tall and has stunning purple blooms. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love the plant.
Lobelia or cardinal flower ‘Queen Victoria,’ is tough as nails and has beautiful purple foliage and scarlet red flowers.
A great way to save money is to buy the plants in four inch pots. They might not be blooming but most tags offer a picture to help you shop.
Get some perennials in the ground, you’ll be happy next year when they are blooming.