Doug’s Favorite Perennial for Shade as seen on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

This big, green leaves hosta is one of my favorites. I’ve split it several times and planted the kids in other parts of the garden. Photo by Doug Oster
This is a great time of year to plant shade loving perennials. It’s tough to plant tout in the open now because of the intensity of the summer sun.
Some gardeners sigh when thinking about what to plant in a shady nook, but there are countless options.
Here are my favorites-
Hosta– Don’t stick your nose up at this plant. Reach deep and search for cool color combinations, giant leaves, tiny leaves and more. This is one of the most versatile shade plants, with thousands of different plants to choose from. I love big chartreuse, variegated leaves. Everyone has their favorites.
Ligularia desdemona-Dark purple huge leaves followed by deep orange/yellow daisy like flowers. I love all ligularias, some grow tall like ‘Rocket,’ others are bushy with different flower forms. Give it some morning sun if possible.
Astilbe– Indestructable perennial with airy blooms in white, pink and reds. Needs a moist soil tho thrive.
Ferns– Japanese painted ferns, hay scented fern and others love the shade. The come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Easy to grow even with a little sun.
Fringed bleeding heart– Unlike it’s bigger cousin, this bleeding heart will stay above ground all season. It loves to grow in good compost with plenty of water. Pretty pink, white or red blooms are held over fringed green foliage.
Somomon’s seal– Cool, tough plant grown for it’s pretty foliage and early spring blooms.
Heuchera, heucherella, tiarella– All three love the shade, have beautiful foliage and are tough.
All the plants used in the segment came from Hahn Nursery in Ross. 412-635-7475. They are located at Three Degree and Babcock.