Grow fruit on the patio or deck in containers as seen on KDKA’s PTL.

New varieties of fig are hardy in our area.

You don’t need acres and acres to grow some fruit. The trick is to choose the right variety that will thrive in containers.
Strawberries are an easy, inexpensive and will produce lots of berries in a pot.
Figs have a rich ethnic history and now there are varieties which are hardy in our area. No more carting the tree in and out according to the season.
Currents are tiny, tart red berries that can be eaten fresh off the vine and are often made in jams or jellies.
Blueberries are the perfect plant for containers. Even if a plant is self-fertile, get another variety to improve fruit set.
Raspberries in a big container can produce two seasons of berries.
Given support, grapes will produce in a big pot.
If you want some fruit and are tight on space, get some big pots and plant some of the varieties above.
I got everything from Hahn Nursery in Ross at Babcock and Three Degre road. They can be reached at 412-635-7475.

Making Gardening Easier as seen on KDKA’s PTL

Let the LawnBott 1500 do the work for you.

Jon Burnett and I had a blast talking about products to make your life easier in the garden.
The LawnBott 1500 makes mowing the lawn a breeze. Once the perimeter wire is installed the machine will take care of everything.
Dramm is making some of the most innovative products for gardeners.
I love the compact and comfortable Dramm ColorPoint Hand Pruner
I love their ColorPoint hand pruner and Telescoping Loppers along with their Revolver hose end sprayer.
A simple kneeling pad is a great tool for gardeners and there are two plants that are my favorites to make gardening easy and fun. The first is the ‘Bonfire’ begonia.
'Bonfire' begonia is a real winner in the garden and blooms like crazy all season.
It’s a beautiful trailing plant with orange tubular flowers that is filled with prolific blooms all season.
‘Gryphon’ begonia is grown for its pretty silver and green foliage. The plant is perfect for containers and will get three feet wide and tall.
Lazy Man Lawn Doctor is a revolutionary product that will fertilize, de-thatch and aerate the lawn without having the rent machines.
Pearl’s Grass Seed is the ultimate low maintenance grass seed. It’s the perfect blend of seed for gardeners who don’t have time to baby their lawns.
Deer Off will make a gardener’s life much easier, it will keep those cute looking garden pests at bay.
Can’t fence the deer out, try Spray Away. It’s a motion sensitive sprinkler that will have the deer running and also works on the neighborhood kids who sneak into the garden!