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Late Fall Planting As Seen on KDKA TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

This is a great time to plant shrubs. Most nurseries have their plants on sale, I got all the shrubs I used on Pittsburgh Today Live at Hahn Nursery in Ross, they were 50 percent off.
Choosing shrubs this time of year also lets us see their fall color. The oakleaf hydrangea above has four seasons of interest. First is the green foliage followed by large conical white flowers, then the red leaves and for winter the plant shows off its bronze exfoliating bark.
Whenever I plant shrubs I always add mycorrhizal fungi, I like the brand MYKE.
Look for a spot or two in the garden and plant some shrubs, you’ll be glad you did when they start blooming.

Keeping the deer at bay

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Deer can be a constant problem in the garden, The be
One of the biggest problems this time of the year are bucks rubbing on small trees during the rut. The males rub trees to mark their territory during mating season. One of the easiest ways to put a stop to it, is wrapping the tree with something the deer don’t like. One option is the stuff that is sold to keep leaves from getting in gutters. It’s much better at stopping the deer than the leaves and bucks will move on because they don’t like the texture of the metal guards.

Any physical barrier can also help stop the rubbing. There are commercial products at garden centers, even some plastic fencing will stop the bucks. By January the mating season is over and the tree guards can be removed.
If they are eating your shrubs, wrap the plant in deer netting for the winter.
If you can fence as much property as possible to send the four legged marauders elsewhere.
Deer Stopper has a spray that’s effective against the animal along with a granular product and a tape that can be put around the property.