What to do with Stink Bugs

Stink bugs have been a huge problem this year. Technically it’s the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. I had a hundred of these guys in my upstairs bathroom hiding behind a mirror.

I saw one or two the night before and when I went up in the morning there weren’t any, that’s when I turned the mirror around and saw the infestation.

They don’t bite or mean us harm, but when alarmed they secrete a liquid that smells. That scent brings others so don’t crush them on the windowsill.

The bugs were coming in through a loose screen at my house, so I closed the windows and looked for any cracks that needed caulking.

This stink bug showed up about 10 years ago, it’s an invasive and wreaked havoc in gardens this year. They are a sucking insect, so the organic control is Neem and diatomaceous earth. The Neem is sprayed on plants, and then the stink bug ingests the organic pesticide and dies. The diatomaceous earth is a powder sprinkled around where you see the bug. When it crawls over it, the insect gets the powder all over and then dies through dehydration. What a way to go!
You can also mix half a cup of Dawn detergent with two cups of water and spray it right on the bugs and they will die.
Victor’s Poison Free Wasp spray works too.

One interesting thing that my radio partner Jessica Walliser observed was that her chickens enjoyed eating them. Hopefully wild birds will find a taste for them too.

As we learn more about this pest, organic controls should become more plentiful.